I'd Like a Website, so what happens now?
Well, the first step is to discuss exactly what the purpose of your website will be, its ‘raison d’être’ if you like. If you run a business, it would be handy to know a little background about it, what you do and who your clients are. This gives us an idea of who will be looking at your website, what they expect to see, and how they are going to arrive there. You may already have a fairly good idea of how you want your website to look; it may be that you have a logo or theme you wish to be prevalent throughout the site. In this case, the more material and vivid descriptions you can provide the better.

Once we have an idea of your aims, we normally produce a series of mock-up designs and wireframes where appropriate, modifying and refining them according to your feedback. When you are happy with the looks and proposed functionality, we begin work on the nitty-gritty, developing the code for your site in standards-compliant XHTML and CSS, integrating it with any content management system etc. as necessary. The templates will be uploaded regularly, so you can see your website at each stage of development.

Full, in depth consultations are in plain English and free of charge. If you don’t have any ideas for your website, don’t worry. We can go over everything from conception, content and design to implementation and strategy. Often a good idea is to take a look at other websites which are offering the same type of service as you; getting an idea of the competition is helpful in any situation.
Do you already have a website that isn't doing it's job? There are plenty of websites that have been poorly designed and constructed; is it time your website had some extra features or content bring to it into 2013? If your website is more than 5 years old, or has been sitting for years with the same static content, then it could be time to consider giving it a facelift! Contact us now for a quote!
As all our websites are tailor made it is difficult to give exact pricings. However, as a rough guide, for basic, 'static', single page websites, prices will generally start at around £100. For content rich websites with several pages you should expect to pay upwards of £300, while content-managed websites will generally start at around £450 - £500.