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Galloway Cycling Holidays
Galloway Cycling Holidays are an independent company based in Castle Douglas offering package cycling holidays in Galloway. An updated site for 2014 employing the latest technologies for quick navigation of dynamic content and mobile-friendly screen-size adaptation.
Burnett House
Burnett House is a 4-star B&B in Lovers' Walk in Dumfries. Rooms are showcased using javascript image galleries.
Chapelerne Farmhouse
Chapelerne Farmhouse is a self-catering holiday farmhouse near Castle Douglas. The site features a user-controlled gallery and booking calendar and has a javascript-driven revolving slide + annotation feature.
Christine Hester Smith
Christine Hester Smith is a ceramic artist in Galloway. The site uses a bespoke CMS which gives control over all text and gallery features on the site.
Philomena Pretsell
Philomena Pretsell is a ceramic artist based near Edinburgh. The site reflects the spirit of her work, with a focus on its unique design. It is largely powered by Javascript, and features various animations and effects. It employs a bespoke content-management system which allows Philomena to update the galleries with her latest work.
Barnbarroch Pottery
Barnbarroch Pottery. The site uses a bespoke CMS which gives control over all text and gallery features on the site.
RD Creative
RD Creative is the primary site of Robert Dutton, Yorkshire-based fine artist and art-tutor. The site runs on the Expression Engine modular CMS, giving full control over all the site's features and allowing for further development through the additon of extra "channels" for storing and retrieving data.
Robert Dutton Photography
Robert Dutton Photography is a showcase for all Robert's Photographic works. This site features javascript-driven galleries and a blog which are all handled through a custom-made content-management system.